Nonimmigrant Visas: Tourism & Visit

November 4, 2022
U.S. Embassy Libreville is currently experiencing an unusually high volume of requests for nonimmigrant visas for tourist travel to the United States.

Consular Affairs continues to identify innovations to reduce wait times for visa interviews. For example, the Department of State temporarily authorized consular officers to waive the in-person interview for certain work, student and exchange visitor applicants.

Nevertheless, nonimmigrant visa appointment availability will continue to be subject to local conditions and resources. We recommend you review the nonimmigrant visa wait time tool on The visa appointment wait time feature of this website will be updated regularly as posts open more appointments for nonimmigrant visa interviews.

Finally, we recommend that you do not buy tickets or make any financial commitments for travel before you have a visa.

Nonimmigrant visas are generally for individuals seeking to travel to the United States for a temporary period. Nonimmigrant visas are used for tourism and travel, temporary employment, business meetings, study and exchange, among other travel purposes.

In order to acquire an interview for a tourist visa, applicants must complete the DS-160 (Nonimmigrant Visa Application) and schedule their appointment online. Applicants who may be eligible for an expedite appointment must have already completed their nonimmigrant visa application and scheduled an appointment online.

U.S. Embassy Libreville does not accept diplomatic notes, mission orders, nor a letter of invitation to acquire tourist visa appointments. All requests outside of the appointment system must be submitted to

Expedite Appointments

The Department of State is committed to facilitating legitimate travel to the United States by both immigrant and nonimmigrant travelers. We are aware that as routine visa processing is re-introduced, applicants may face extended visa interview wait times. We are committed to lowering those wait times as quickly and safely as possible, recognizing that visas for work and tourism play a critical role in the U.S. economy.

Should applicants be unable to acquire a timely appointment, applicants may request an expedited visa appointment for emergency travel purposes, but it is necessary to make the request online after having scheduled an appointment. Circumstances that may be considered for expedited appointments include :

• An immediate relative’s death, grave illness or life-threatening accident taking place in the United States.
• Urgent medical treatment for the applicant or their minor child.
• An applicant for a student or exchange visitor (F/M/J) visa whose I-20 or DS-2019 has a start date within the next 30 days and is earlier than the first available visa appointment.
• An unexpected visit that is of significant cultural, political, journalistic, sporting or economic importance that is occurring within 10 days after the first available visa appointment.

If you think your reason for travel falls into one of these categories, please contact us at with “EXPEDITE REQUEST” as the subject of your email.

Expedited appointments will only be granted at the Consular Section’s discretion. Applicants may only request an expedite once.


Visa applicants who meet all six criteria below may be eligible to renew their visas without a visa interview:

1. Normally reside in Gabon
2. Are physically present in Gabon
3. Already have a U.S. visa issued by U.S. Embassy Libreville that is valid or has expired within the last four years and wish to renew your visa of the same classification (e.g. a holder of a recently expired J visa may NOT renew and get a B1/B2 visa)
4. You have not been refused a visa within the last 12 months
5. Your visa and passport has not been lost, stolen or revoked and
6. Your prior visa was not annotated with “Clearance Received”.

If you meet the conditions above, please follow the link to complete the Interview Waiver Program and Student Visa Appointment Form or scan the QR code below. It is required that you provide your barcode from your DS-160 confirmation page.

QR Code

J and F visa applicants only. In order to apply for a visa through the Interview Waiver Program, you must have the same SEVIS number as when the visa was originally issued.

Citizens of countries other than Gabon: When you complete your visa application form, contact us at and write “Interview Waiver” in the subject line. The Consular Officer will determine if you qualify for the Interview Waiver program. If qualified, the system will provide instructions on how to submit your payment, passport, application, and related documents to the Embassy. Eligible applicants who do not hold a Gabonese passport must submit a copy of their valid Gabonese residency card (carte de sejour) and may be required to pay a reciprocity fee in addition to the standard visa fee. To determine if a reciprocity fee is required for your application, go to the reciprocity fee website and select your country of nationality on the left, then select your visa category under Visa Classifications to see if a fee is listed. The principal applicant of a Blanket L petition must pay an additional fraud prevention and detection fee of $500 USD.

If your application requires an additional fee, you must pay the fee at the U.S. Embassy.

Applicants are expected to bring exact change only. Failure to provide exact change may result in delays in processing. The U.S. Embassy Libreville can only accept a cash in US Dollars or CFA, though the reciprocity fee website lists fees in U.S. dollars. Therefore, the fees listed must be converted to CFA using the Current Consular Exchange Rate: USD 1 = 700 CAF >> For example, if your reciprocity fee is $240, you will need to multiply this amount by 700 to get as a result 168,000 CAF; $240 x 700 =168,000 CAF.