Emergency Financial Assistance

Updated 05/10/2023.

United States citizens who find themselves destitute in Gabon may request assistance from the Embassy to communicate with their family members, or to return to the United States; however, we do not have funds to assist citizens with their living expenses or to pay their debts overseas because the Congress does not provide funds for that purpose. With your permission, we can call your family and friends to explain how they can send money to you.  You will need to complete a Privacy Act Waiver before we speak to anyone for you. If no other resources are available, U.S. citizens can apply for a repatriation loan to purchase a one-way ticket directly back to the United States. In those cases the borrower will have to sign a promissory note agreeing to repay the loan to the United States Government.

Transferring Money from the United States

Individuals may transfer money to their friends or relatives overseas through private services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.  These services are usually the best and fastest way for a destitute U.S. citizen to receive emergency funds.

In emergency situations, the Embassy may assist in the transfer of money to a U.S. citizen in Gabon.  The depositor establishes a trust account in a recipient’s name at the Department of State in Washington, DC. Upon receipt of the funds, the Department telegraphs the Embassy to authorize next-workday disbursement of the funds (less a $30 service fee) to the person designated by the depositor. The recipient must contact the Embassy to receive the funds. Unless there is some overriding consideration requiring payments in U.S. dollars, funds are disbursed in local currency.

For more information about transferring or receiving money to or from your friends or relatives, please consult the following link: Sending Money Overseas

For more information about emergency financial assistance, you may send a note to LibrevilleACS@state.gov or call the Embassy at: Local  011-45-71-00 / International +241-11-45-71-00 and ask to speak to the American Citizen Services unit.