Statement by John Kirby, Spokesperson

United States Supports Proposed AU Mission to Gabon, Continues to Call for Calm

The United States remains concerned about the tense political situation in Gabon.  We continue to call on all parties and their supporters to refrain from violence, inflammatory language, and aggression against all people living in Gabon, regardless of their ethnic background or national origin.  All sides, including security forces, must exercise restraint and respect international human rights standards.

We also urge the Gabonese Government to ensure due process to those who have been arrested, and to provide family members information about their welfare and whereabouts.

The African Union (AU) has expressed its willingness to send a delegation to assist the parties in Gabon in their efforts toward a constitutional resolution to the post-election situation.  We strongly support this initiative and call on the Government of Gabon to work with the AU to arrange the visit of such a delegation as soon as possible.‎