Grow Your Mind with Gina and the U.S. Embassy

Leadership, empowerment, development.  Books from Nouveaux Horizons cover these topics and more – and one of our exchange program alums brings you great discussions on these topics every two weeks via her Facebook page. Gina Nzengue – perhaps best known for her morning show on Urban FM – shares new titles and new topics on Fridays during her interactive presentations. We worked with Gina in spring 2020 to begin these virtual discussions. Our motivation? Keeping community strong during the shutdown of many public spaces due to the COVID pandemic.  We wanted a space for people to connect, learn new things, advance their professional, economic, and job goals, and have a chance to decompress from the stress of COVID.  Thanks to Gina, we accomplished all this and more. Viewership took off well and has soared! You can join the events live or watch past the videos on the Gina’s site.  The books are by U.S. authors and have been translated into French.  Even Gabon Review took note, featuring Gina in an article!

Thanks to viewer demand, we are working to make the books more widely available in the future.  As the photos show, Gina studies up on each book to bring you the best possible summary and highlights the most interesting and salient parts of the texts.

Join us and thousands of others for the next discussion.  Drop a comment. Say hello. Learn new things that may help you grow personally and professionally.  Continue to stay healthy during the pandemic by wearing a mask, socially distancing, not believing false claims about cures, and keeping yourstress levels under control. We are all in this together!