Welcome to our Doing Business website and, in person or via cyberspace, welcome to Gabon! Helping you export U.S. goods and services, and creating and/or nurturing U.S. investments here, is one of our very highest priorities. Over the past two years, investment and business climate reforms in this country have increased the opportunities and the transparency of the market, and we encourage you to look at opportunities in, among others, the following sectors:

  • Petroleum and oil extraction services
  • Green technology
  • Internet services and applications
  • Airport management and flight operations
  • Power generation
  • Agricultural services
  • Health care and education

Please consult with us before visiting the country or making other business contacts, as things are changing rapidly for the better here but with that change comes a need for rapid reaction and the right set of contacts. In exploring this market, please also consider talking to American and other Western companies already present in country; not only will many of them be glad to give you advice, but starting out as suppliers to existing corporate interests here is a good way to get started.

Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to working with you!

Doing Business in the U.S.