Ambassador Observes Small Boat Ops Training

On February 7, Ambassador Akuetteh boarded a vessel that took part in a Small Boat Operations course, led by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in Libreville’s bay, in order to experience the training firsthand.  16 members of the Gabonese Navy and the two members of Gabonese Customs undertook a two-week-long training with the USCG to learn advanced maneuvering and operation techniques for their naval response boats.  The Ambassador observed the five-man USCG training team as they taught and evaluated students on search and rescue procedures used to locate those lost at sea.  This concluded the second phase of trainings to boost Gabon’s ability to conduct safe interdictions at sea.  The United States provides this type of training in order to help build maritime security capacity in Gabonese waters and in the greater Gulf of Guinea region.